Yayasan Yoga Nusantara

Yayasan Yoga Nusantara

Guru Ravi

Guru Ravi

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Yoga is a scientific system of physical and mental practices that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. With yoga, we can extend our healthy productive years; far beyond the expected norms and the same time improve the quality of our life.  Yoga has the potential as an effective therapy for chronic diseases and condition that do not respond to conventional treatment methods.

Due to this unique method in combining physical, breathing and meditation, therapy of yoga has then been an effective cure hence attracting million of follower and students trough out the world. Though from India originally, yoga has been perfected trough hundred of years in various forms. For example; Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Asthanga Yoga. These various types of yoga has been adopted and created according to need of various cultures. Trough yoga, the body, mind and soul are integrated to produce a healthy human’s life physically, mentally and spiritually without the used of medicines. There are no age restriction and capability restriction to practices yoga.


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